Agoraphobia  is created in reaction to the destruction of the social system, from the need to speak out about it as an individual and as a community.

The performance is held in open air, on a large city centre square. From a distance spectators follow, by means of their mobile phones, a man who appears to be talking to himself. Until they are addressed by him directly and become part of his lonely protest, his appeal to society.

Agoraphobia is about a man who raises his voice in the streets but also about the people that ignore him, that walk by, and those that stop and listen.

performance Marien Jongewaard (NL), Donald Fleming (ENG), Hans Kremer (DU), Soeuf Elbadawi (FR), Daria Deflorian (IT) / text Rob de Graaf / direction Lotte van den Berg / dramaturgie Liesbeth Groot-Nibbelink / repetitor Diede Zillinger Molenaar / technician and media Willem Weemhoff / production manager Antwan Cornelissen / with thanks to Bart Kusters, Rianne van Hassel, Ritzo ten Cate / producer OMSK / coproduction Nieuw West/ Marien Jongewaard, het Noord Nederland Toneel, Muenchner Kammerspiele, Paris Quartier d’été, Chalons dans la Rue.