In Street, the spectators and performer Floor van Leeuwen jointly meet homeless people living on the streets. The audience is taken on a walk through the city and is confronted with images of people who would rather remain unnoticed. The spectators are confronted with their own way of perceiving, about the way in which they enter in a relationship with these people by looking or not looking.

Street is a performance about the relationship between people who live on the streets and passers-by. About the street as a private place and that same street as a public place.

Street was created during Festival aan de Werf in Utrecht, as part of the Parallel Cities programme of the Rimini Protokol.

direction Lotte van den Berg / performance Floor van Leeuwen, Remco Groenewegen, Berhane, Shariff / production Rianne van Hassel / producer OMSK / co-producer Festival aan de Werf / distribution and sales Frans brood Productions