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Workshop Why Theatre?! in Utrecht

This workshop, led by Lotte van den Berg, investigates a question prominent in her artistic work: is it possible to be spectator and participant at the same time? This two-hours session aims at demonstrating the role of spectatorship in Van den Berg’s work. We will address “black boxes” and “lean-back seats”; watch excerpts from previous performances; listen to a short lecture and engage in a discussion. Along the way we transform from audience into participants and get to know Lotte van den Berg and her work a bit better.

Participation is free, however registration is mandatory. Please send an email to with reference to “Why Theatre?!”

When: Wednesday October 8
Where: Het Huis in Utrecht
Time: 3 pm – 5 pm
Language: English

About Why Theatre?!
Why Theatre?! is a lecture series developed by Theatre Studies, Utrecht University to pay attention to relevant and contemporary developments in theater and dance, both in practice and theory. The series is closely aligned to the themes and topics of Theatre Studies’ BA and MA program. It invites practitioners and/or scholars to share their work. The series is hosted by Het Huis Utrecht, who contributes to the program by sharing both her facilities, expertise, and network in the field of the performing arts. Find out more on the website of Het Huis.