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Frascati: Building Conversation in English

On Friday 31 October the conversation THINKING TOGETHER – AN EXPERIMENT will be held in English. The introduction of CONVERSATION WITHOUT WORDS (29 Oct - 2 Nov) will be in Dutch or English.

Inspired by the conversational techniques of quantum physicist David Bohm, we carry on a conversation in a large group, without a moderator, without a subject and without a goal. During this self-regulated discussion, the patterns of our collective thinking reveal themselves.

We haven't really paid much attention to thought as a process. We have engaged in thoughts, but we have only paid attention to the content, not to the process. Why does thought require attention? Everything requires attention, really. If we ran machines without paying attention to them, they would break down. Our thought, too, is a process, and it requires attention.’ David Bohm


Inspired by the annual gathering of Inuit tribal chiefs from Greenland, we carry out a conversation without words. Research has shown that 60 to 80% of our communication is nonverbal. During this conversation we discover what happens when we refrain from using words.

'The body suddenly became so important, and for some time afterwards words felt like a mask I was hiding behind.' Daan Bosch (participant)

Check here the time schedule (pdf)

/// Ticket sale Theater Frascti (Nes 63 Amsterdam): or by phone + (0) 20-6266866.

A location in the city
The conversation takes place in the city. Each conversational form is preceded by a walk to a particular location and an introduction to the conversation. After the talk has concluded, the participants walk back to Frascati for dinner or refreshments there.

Length of the conversation
The conversation is prepared for and brought to a close collectively (with you). This means that the entire trajectory (walk, preparations, conversation, walk back, conclusion) will last 4 to 5 hours. ’We like to carefully place these conversations in a framework and not just focus on the conversation itself but also take the time to prepare for and bring it to a close.’

About Building Conversation
Building Conversation is the newest project of theatre maker Lotte van den Berg and visual artist Daan ’t Sas. Inspired by conversational techniques from all over the world, they are developing new forms of conversation. They carry on these conversations with everyone who wants to join them. In doing so, they use theatrical forms, but the distinction between active performers and passive spectators disappears. Everybody who is present participates. You too are most welcome.

Read here more about the project.